Strategic Trail

A concept created by Nodal that helps organizations set a comprehensive strategic agenda to facilitate execution, experimentation and strategic thinking.

The 5 Paths to an Innovative Organization

Also developed by Nodal, this method acts as a reference guide for organizations to build their own innovation plans.

Future Search

A well-known methodology used to build a shared future vision, where it is possible to define mission, vision, values and the main strategic drivers of an organization.

Business Model Innovation

Based on the book by Alex Osterwalder, “Business Model Generation” which we were part of, it is a methodology that aims to innovate in the way organizations create, deliver and capture value. It presents the management tool called “Business Model Canvas”.

Balanced Scorecard

Methodology created by Robert Kaplan and David Norton that helps organizations manage performance.

Vrio Analysis

Powerful framework that helps organizations define their strategic priorities based on their core competences.

Innovation’s Four Lenses

Presented by Rowan Gibson and Peter Skarzinski in their book “Innovation to the Core”, it is a powerful tool to generate ideas.

World Cafe

This is a simple and innovative methodology that promotes real conversations on key issues in organizations. The more people participate, the merrier the process.

External Environment Analysis

We use different frameworks to conduct external analysis such as: Five forces, comparative advantages analysis, PESTEL and scenarios in order to identify clearly the main external challenges and opportunities.

Swot Analysis

During strategic planning process, a great deal of information is gathered. The classic  SWOT analysis tool continues to show it is an efficient way to clarify and synthesize the few strategic priorities of an organization.

Lego Serious Play

Using Lego pieces and constructivism theory, we explore metaphors that help reveal the key assumptions that support an organization’s strategy.